Saturday, 9 May 2009

Tales of Canterbury

Jules and I arrived in Canterbury on a wet evening and headed to the Millar’s Arms, a lovely traditional English pub where we would stay for a few nights while we were finding our feet in Kent. We found it to be a great spot to sip a beer by a warm cosy fire or on a sunny day enjoy the fast flowing canal that it faced. Our first few days in Canterbury were spent wandering around the narrow streets, exploring the historic sights and rustic buildings. The locals we met were very friendly and we found the old part of town really picturesque. Sure, it’s a little ‘touristy’, but it has plenty of genuine history, which is highlighted by famous Canterbury Cathedral that forms the stunning centrepiece to this ancient walled town. Indulging our passion for good food is quite easy, as there are also some great places to eat and over the next few weeks we try plenty of them. The temptation is even greater when we eventually move into our accommodation in the high street, where the aromas from the various pubs, restaurants and bakeries drift through our open window. From our little ‘artist garret’ we are able the view the hive of activity that happens below every day and hear the accents of people from all over the world who are visiting this popular town. Eventually we hire a car and are able to explore the county of Kent a little more, by eventually heading down the east coast toward Dover and Folkestone. We quite like this region, which is open, lush and green (unlike Australia which is suffering a drought at the time). It is a lovely fine day and we lunch outdoors at a traditional English teahouse in the pretty town called Tenderden. There is a distinctively rural feel in this part of England and Jules and I are amazed how relatively close it is to London and even Paris. With the Eurostar train passing through this area daily it certainly makes it a perfect location to access both these iconic cities quite easily, which is exactly what we eventually intend to do.

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