Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Pop Art hits Paris!

Over the past few weeks my year 9 art class have been working productively to build a colourful collection of ‘crawling critters’ with the notion of creating a temporary pop art sculpture in Paris. They had been studying 'public art' and were keen to create their own collaborative art work that would create some attention. Today was the day... the sun was shining and the crowds were heading toward Trocadero to watch France play possibly their final world cup game on the big screen. As they walked the Pont d’lena in front of the Eiffel Tower they were confronted with an army of yellow, blue and red crawling creatures arranged in interesting configurations by the young artists. The crowd reaction was very positive as by passers photographed the activity. The students enjoyed the attention and the sculpture temporarily became a colourful addition to one of the great locations of the world.


  1. Where the critters colours Crow-inspired or is that a coincidence?

  2. Of course the colour scheme for the sculpture was totally 'crow insipred'...Go the Crows!!!

  3. Awesome creatures Chris! really enjoyed seeing their transformation in the class room. I wish I had experienced that walk in the bridge with you and your students. Oh well...maybe next time :)